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My photos of Japan on Herself360

Really delighted to have photos of my trip to Japan published by the American magazine Herself360, which beyond art offers lots of articles on personal development and the place of women in society. Of course, I invite you to consult their website. A big thank you to them anyway, because in preparing this publication I went back to Japan, a country that really made me love the color photos, as I had a strong fondness for black and white. To see […]

About Trip’NShot

What’s better than traveling to satisfy ones desire for exploration! I am lucky to be able to go away from time to time and discover our wonderful planet, but I also travel every day right next to my place. Wander a new neighborhood or experience the vastness and beauty of nature (sea, countryside, mountain), go to a festival or visit a museum, get up at dawn or go out at night. There are so many ways to discover new worlds […]

About me

About me I was born in Paris in the 70s, but I grew up in La Rochelle, France, at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. My first photos (with a film camera of course) were sunsets on the beaches of the island of Ré and the island of Oléron. Waiting to see the prints provided a Christmas Eve excitement, and the result on photo paper could be satisfying or disappointing as the opening of the Christmas gifts. I am lucky […]